Why would you do anything to your face?  You look fine!

Heard this before?  Probably when you were trying to express how you were feeling about yourself?  Maybe feeling out what others think about cosmetic treatments before you decide if it’s right for you?  Of course you have!

Well, here is where I stand on the subject of cosmetic medicine and treatments:

  1.  IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.  It’s a no-brainer.  When you look good, you feel good.  How many times have you gone out and got yourself a great hairstyle?  When you get home, the first thing you do is go upstairs and look in the mirror.  Am I right so far?  Then, what you want to do is fix your make-up.  You’re starting to feel a hint of inside happiness, aren’t you…  Next, you think about either trying on that new dress in the closet that you haven’t worn yet OR you feel like shopping for a new sassy outfit to complete the look.  It’s that little flame inside of us that is the entire point of cosmetic treatments; whatever they may be.  Sometimes, especially as we age, we need something to stoke that flame a little.  Something to get it going again.  Sometimes the “new do” just can’t cut it anymore.  Cosmetic treatments are just like getting a new hairstyle.  We do it to look good.  Looking good = feeling good.
  2. IT’S ONLY ABOUT YOU.  If you look in the mirror and feel a touch of sadness, regret, anxiety, inferiority, or apathy; then you aren’t exactly feeling good about yourself.  You are not 100% content with what you see.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you.  They don’t see you in their mirror.  They don’t feel what you feel.  How you feel about yourself is important, isn’t it?  Why are we creating all these affirmations on Instagram that tell us to take care of ourselves?  It’s because self-care is important, and we need to feel good about ourselves in order to live a happier, more productive live.  Bottom line:  Nobody else can feel what you feel.
  3. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO IN ORDER TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF.  Cosmetic treatments can include anything from Botox to permanent make-up.  Make-up used to pick me up in my 20’s.  Now, it get’s stuck in the tiny lines and pores on my face.  No matter how much I put on, it can’t hide my “experience” in light years.  So, I know that I have an option to take care of those darn wrinkles.  It happens to be Botox.  I decide to try a Botox treatment and lo and behold… lines fade and my make-up stays put!  I look in the mirror, and OH MY!  I look pretty good!  The flame is getting stronger.  I feel good.  In fact, I think I’m going to try on the dress that still has the tag attached which has been sitting in my closet for about a year.
  4. IF YOU CONTINUOUSLY SEEK TREATMENTS AND STILL DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, IT’S TIME TO RE-EVALUATE.  Yes, there are some who over-do it.  These people need a different kind of TLC.  Usually, we feel better when there is visible improvement.  Some people are not able to feel good even when they do look their best.  That is a different issue altogether.  Remember the flame.  You may feel you want to improve several concerns.  You start with 1 or 2.  When you look at your results, you should feel a twinge of contentment or happiness brewing inside you.  The flame should have sparked a bit.  Most people experience this feeling when they see results.
  5. JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT COSMETIC TREATMENTS DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE TRYING TO LOOK YOUNGER.  Cosmetic treatments aren’t performed to make anybody look younger.  Looking younger is a side effect of some treatments (and a welcoming one!).  We do these treatments to restore skin texture, facial contours, and to correct troubling asymmetries.  We are simply restoring what we had in the first place!  Aging can take it’s toll on self-esteem.  There is nothing “crazy” about wanting to rejuvenate your look.  It’s no different than restoring a beautiful 1954 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible!  Now, note that I said “rejuvenate your look”.  That’s right, “YOUR LOOK”.  Everybody has their own unique characteristics.  Facial rejuvenation does not change those characteristics.  It may enhance them, but not alter them.  That is the goal of cosmetic treatments.  Mind you, it can be over done.  A good practitioner will have the !!@#! to tell you when your goals have been met, and say no if you are asking for more.  No, you can’t look like Barbie nor are you trying to.  REJUVENATION is the word on the street!
  6. THE MAIN GOAL IS TO FEEL GOOD.  I promise, this is my last point.  But it is the most important one.  Study after study has shown that looking good = feeling good.  What kind of person doesn’t want others to feel good about themselves?  We need to shift the paradigm here and remember the point of cosmetic treatments.  People don’t “stick needles in their faces” to try to change themselves.  Instead, people seek various cosmetic treatment options to rejuvenate their look to feel better about themselves.  How dare anyone shame a person for wanting to feel good about themselves!  It’s no different than shaming somebody who wants a “mommy makeover”.  People should never have to fear being ridiculed for wanting to feel good, EVER.  So, go ahead and stoke that flame!  Stoke it until it becomes a raging fire!  Then go ahead and let the light from that fire shine right through you when you look in the mirror and smile, as you say to yourself:  MAN!  I look good!

In conclusion, cosmetic treatments can rejuvenate your look, allowing you to feel good about yourself.  Whether you choose Botox and fillers or fractional laser treatments, you need not fear or question your motivation for seeking these options.  Do what you need to do to feel good.  You don’t need to be the town crier and advertise what you “had done” if you prefer.  But the next time you express your feelings to somebody and hear “Why would you do anything to your face, you look fine”, simply tell them “Because it makes me feel good.”.  Now honestly, who can argue with that?