Acne Treatment Program

Acne Treatment Program

Our Acne Treatment Program is designed to educate and support our patients while they control Acne with our highly effective, simple and affordable skin care regime with Biophora products, combined with our Acne facial and peel. Seriously! Another skin care product? You need to experience it to believe it – We help many patients who suffer from Acne. We hear “I’ve tried everything” from nearly every patient who was trying desperately to control their breakouts. Our skin care program actually WORKS!

Our Registered Nurse Jennifer, works with you every step of the way to ensure your treatment is working without any side effects. Biophora gives real results! Yes, a skin care product that actually works! We have been fortunate to have found a perfect skin care line that offers real results for our patients. That’s why we only have one line of skin care product. We have been tracking our results since 2014, all of them have seen amazing results.

One of our current patients explains:

“Acne has been something I have struggled with for years. I began breaking out when I was thirteen years old. I spent hundreds of dollars on high end skincare before turning to prescription medication. I spent years taking medication that had little to no effect on my skin. Tired and disappointed with the condition of my skin I felt hopeless. My 17th birthday was fast approaching and I was devastated with the current state of my skin. I had bad breakouts all over my face and I refused to leave the house with out makeup for fear that someone would see my natural skin. After I had finished my last dose of Accutane (a harsh acne medication), I was left with dry skin. My skin remained clear for the first week after the medication but shortly after I continued to break out. Luckily I found Subtle Images. There I met Jennifer. Jennifer is a registered nurse who specialises in skincare. She recommended Biophora, a medical grade skincare brand that helps treat acne prone skin. Within days I began to notice results, my skin was smoother and less oily. I would highly recommend Subtle Images, Jennifer and her staff are very kind. They make sure that the clients understand more about their skin condition and the recommend products to help improve their skin.”

– Anne Marie

Niagara Falls Acne Treatment Program
Before and After using the Biophora Acne Kit